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Corporate Compliance, Executive Liability and D&O Insurance in Germany

Participants: Dr. Ulrike Binder, Dr. Jan Kraayvanger and Dr. Burkhard Fassbach

This audio, produced together with the global legal firm Mayer Brown, provides the essentials any managing director of a German corporation should know about corporate compliance, executive liability and D&O insurance are .

The audio consisted of three parts:

  1. The core elements of a compliance management system, the supervisory duties in the German two-tier-system as well as internal investigations.

  2. The basic principles of management liability under German law. In particular, the so-called ARAG/Garmenbeck doctrine, the limitations of the business judgment rule and the high prerequisites for a settlement, etc.

  3. Relevant aspects of D&O insurance policies such as scope, structure, exclusions, obligations, etc.

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